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Lee Goodchild

I am Head of the Crime Department and a Director of TaylorGoodchild Solicitors.

I enjoyed a successful military career where I was fortunate enough to travel the world and serve proudly for my country in diverse places such as Belize, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany and Sardinia to name but a few. I have also served with the United Nations and foreign forces during times of conflict, such as the French Foreign Legion during the time of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia Herzegovina.

I purchased my voluntary release from the armed forces to commit myself to my family and in doing so, sought to pursue a career in law. I quickly established my reputation for defending the rights of those least able to protect themselves, particularly at the police station.

I am a Court and Police Station Duty Solicitor spending my working day representing clients in the Magistrates Court and Police Station. I also fully participate in the company’s 24-hour police station rota, which operates 365 days per year.

Further to this, I represent a significant number of clients whose cases have reached the Crown Court. My passion for representing clients has never diminished over the years since leaving the Armed Forces in 1995. I devote myself professionally to achieving the best possible outcome for my clients.

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I use TaylorGoodchild because I know who I’m going to get to represent me. They are a close knit team and all on the same wavelength.

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