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Actions Against Public Bodies

We are recognised experts in identifying unlawful action either by the police or other public authority, for example, Her Majesty’s Prison Service, as a result of an injury caused or other act or omission.

A complaint/claim can be brought against the Police for a number of failings by them. The most common being uncivil behaviour, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, failure to properly investigate and assault, to which we have an impressive record of recovering significant damages for clients, following mistreatment by the police.

We are one of only a few regional solicitors’ practices to be awarded a contract by the Legal Aid Agency, to represent clients on a publically-funded basis. In other words, subject to your particular circumstances and nature of your case, you could be eligible to be legally represented without any financial risk to yourself. We also offer private paying terms as well as representation by a conditional fee arrangement (“No win, No fee”).

Our Crime and Civil Departments work closely together to identify any unlawful failings by the police and are efficient in quickly assessing whether you may have sufficient evidence for a complaint/claim to commence. 

We fully understand and appreciate the personal impact such traumatic events may have caused you and will represent you in a compassionate and supportive way, with our efforts focused upon obtaining the best possible outcome for you.

The main remedies available against the Police are,

  1. An acceptance or finding of liability
  2. An apology
  3. An agreement by the Police to make sure that lessons are learned and that new practices/procedures will be put into place by the police as a consequence
  4. Damages paid, i.e. financial compensation to be paid to yourself
  5. Your legal cost if any, to be met by the Police

The Police are public servants employed to uphold the law and not immune nor exempt from acting unlawfully. It is important that any unlawful conduct by the Police is investigated and where a fault is found, an appropriate remedy applied.

No matter how minor the unlawful conduct complained of from the Police failing to investigate adequately, unlawful retention of property and uncivil behaviour, through to unlawful arrest, detention and assault, rest assured that we will be with you throughout your journey. We will provide the support, knowledge, and necessary expertise to ensure that your Legal Rights are fully advanced and that when wrongdoing is found, those responsible will be held to account.

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