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Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

Have you been the innocent victim of a violent or sexually motivated crime in the UK?

 If so, you may eligible to submit a claim for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) Scheme.

The CICA is a government scheme operated within the Ministry of Justice, which allows blameless victims of crime to apply for compensation for physical injuries, disabling mental injuries, sexual or physical abuse, the death of a close relative, paying for someone’s funeral and loss of earnings and expenses.

Awards range from £1,000 up to £500,000, dependent upon the extent and severity of the injuries claimed.

The crime must have occurred in England, Wales or Scotland and must be reported to the police within 48 hours, or as soon as reasonably practicable.

In the majority of cases you must apply within 2 years of the crime happening, but may be able to extend this limitation date if,

  1. Your claim relates to childhood sexual or physical abuse, and or;
  2. You were unable to claim earlier due to external factors such as your mental or physical health status.

You may also be able to claim if the crime occurred before 1st October 1979 and you lived with the “attacker” as a family member at the time of the incident.

To be eligible to apply to the CICA, at the time of the crime you must have been classified as one of the following,

  1. British Citizen or EU or EAA national (or their close relative)
  2. Family member of an EU or EAA national whom has a right to be in the UK
  3. Member of the armed forces (or be a close relative living in their household)
  4. Be a potential human trafficking victim on or before the date of your application. Please note this must be confirmed by the UK Human Trafficking Centre and UK Visas and Immigration
  5. An asylum seeker
  6. Be a national of a country signed up to the Council of Europe Convention on the Compensation of Victim of Violent Crimes

It is vital that you secure and preserve all evidence that may assist you in your claim promptly, for example

  1. Witness evidence such as any statement, letters of support, cctv or photographic evidence, emails or other electronic evidence
  2. Any evidence the police may hold to include witness statements. This can be formally requested from the police at a later stage.
  3. Any medical evidence such as GP notes, evidence from the hospital which has, or is treating you.
  4. Psychological injury evidence to be provided by any counsellors or mental health team that is assisting you.
  5. Any evidence to support your claim for loss of earning such as wage slips or documents from HMRC

It is possible to make a claim to the CICA without a solicitor or legal advisor. To proceed on this basis you can call CICA direct on 0300 003 3601 or by visiting their website -injuries-compensation-authority.

By instructing TaylorGoodchild Solicitors you will benefit from a highly trained professional with requisite experience in dealing with such matters, capable of advising, guiding and progressing your claim through what can be a complicated and demanding application procedure. Your claim may be rejected at which point we can advise on the merits of any appeal, or even to advancing your claim to a formal tribunal. By acting alone, you will not benefit from our expertise in dealing with the CICA. The CICA is not a charitable organisation nor an impartial ombudsman, but rather a government agency looking after government funds, operating a rigid set of rules which they apply to each case.

Our specialist CICA department works for you to achieve the best possible outcome. We act on a “no win no fee basis” where if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not pay us a penny. This of course is subject to any agreed disbursements.

If your claim succeeds, we deduct 30% including VAT from any award. For example, if your award amounted to £1,000, then we will deduct £300 for our professional services and you will receive the balance of £700.

Please feel under no obligation to book a free initial 30 minute appointment with one of our specialist advisors to discuss your individual case, and merits of success.


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