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Attendance at Police Station

Our Criminal Defence Lawyers frequently act for individuals who have never faced investigation or prosecution before. We understand the additional impact that being involved in the criminal process can have upon you professionally, your personal life and your employment. Rest assured that we will do whatever we can to mitigate any such impact.

Being under suspicion of a criminal offence and facing a formal interview by the Police, Benefits Agency, Trading Standards or other public bodies, is always an uncomfortable and stressful experience. Having to attend the Police Station under arrest or voluntarily is an intimidating prospect. The police may tell you that you don’t need a solicitor or that obtaining the free and independent services of a solicitor will delay your release from custody. In short, the police or other investigative bodies would much rather prefer you to be interviewed alone and in isolation where your lack of knowledge and understanding of the legal process, will be to their advantage. They would much prefer their handling of your case not to be challenged and their conduct scrutinised by a competent legal professional.

You are as of right entitled to free and independent legal advice whilst at the police station, as a volunteer or under arrest. You may also be entitled to the same benefit if questioned away from the police station by the police, or other investigator. This entitlement extends to third parties attending in a different capacity, for example as an appropriate adult. Your entitlement to free and independent legal advice is not subject to your income or personal circumstances and is available free and at the point of request, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We personally attend any request made to us to assist and advise individuals and do not use agents or other companies to routinely attend on our behalf. We prefer to offer an in house, personal and seamless service to all clients. We believe that continuity of representation is the key to successfully representing clients.

The services of a Lawyer whilst being questioned regarding your alleged involvement in a crime is an essential element of your case and ensures that from the outset, you are properly advised by legal professionals whose primary role is to  protect and advance your legal rights.

We attend the police station to ensure all our clients have their legal rights fully respected and that the police and other investigators, do not deviate from their legal and professional obligations to you.

 Immediately responsive and available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year,our lawyers are proactive in safeguarding your rights and frequently identify and assist clients in making complaints to the police regarding their professional or legal failings to include but not limited to, uncivil behaviour, assault by police officers and unlawful arrest. Our Lawyers will then progress your complaint / claim which can ultimately lead to compensation or other remedy.

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