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Civil Law

We specialise in complaints and claims against public bodies, most notably the police, where we are recognised for our diligence and tenacity in representing our clients. When the police misuse their powers, members of the public can make a complaint to the Police Force concerned, or in certain circumstances, to Independent Office for Police Conduct. It is your legal right to challenge the police for any misconduct. It can include but is not limited to, uncivil behaviour, wrongful arrest, use of unlawful force, unlawful imprisonment, malicious prosecution damage to property and failure to conduct an effective investigation. We are proud to offer public funding (Legal Help and Full Legal Aid Certificate), subject to the nature of your complaint/claim and personal circumstances. 

We also provide and excel in assisting with criminal injuries compensation, road traffic accidents and personal injury claims.

Should you, a loved one or friend ever find themselves embroiled in a dispute concerning injuries caused at the workplace, in a road traffic accident either as a driver, passenger or pedestrian or as a victim of crime, our civil team of highly professional lawyers can assist you. We understand and appreciate the impact that such matters can have upon yourself, your family and your future.

You will benefit from our expertise and knowledge in negotiating on your behalf, and if necessary, we can issue proceedings at the High Court or County Court, dependent upon the nature and value of your claim. 

Subject to the facts of your case and personal circumstances, we can offer a variety of funding options to include,

  1. Public Funding (Legal Aid)
  2. Conditional Fee Arrangements (“No win no fee”)
  3. Private Terms ( Payment plans available)

Please take advantage of our free 30 minute initial interview to discuss the merits of your case and to allow us the opportunity to explain how we can help and support you going forward. 

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