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Road Traffic Law (Crime)

Dealing with road traffic or motoring cases can be problematic, tricky and challenging. The consequences of appearing before the court for road traffic matters can be significant, particularly with respect to an individual’s character and employment. For example, a disqualification from driving could effectively terminate an individual’s employment where having a valid driving licence, is a requirement of that employment.

At TaylorGoodchild Solicitors we have years of experience defending the complete range of motoring offences from speeding, no insurance, drink driving, and careless driving up to and including more serious offences such as dangerous driving or causing death by dangerous driving.

Our expert lawyers have successfully represented and defended clients in such cases. We also regularly mitigate successfully the impact upon clients if matters are proven or pleaded guilty to, for example, persuading the court not to disqualify an individual from driving. 

You will benefit from an initial free 30 minute interview. This will provide an opportunity for ourselves to assess the strengths and potential weaknesses of your case, and to provide advice as to any evidential burden you may face, and your prospects of success.

If your financial circumstances and the merits of the case satisfy the legal aid agency requirements, you could benefit from public funding, i.e. legal aid. Alternatively, we can represent you on a private paying basis. Our costs can be spread over a period of time following the agreement of a payment plan, which would alleviate any immediate impact upon you financially and would allow you to spread any costs in a regular and controlled manner. 

We act first and foremost for the benefit of our clients and for some matters, it may be that you will not require a solicitor at court, and you will be advised as such. 

Our professional fees are as follows; 

Single Hearing at the Magistrates Court

A hearing which would be concluded in the morning or afternoon session would attract a fee of £200.00 plus VAT. This would include the initial 30 minutes fee consultation. 

If your case does not finish in a single morning or afternoon session, then an additional fee of £100.00 plus VAT would be charged, for any additional sitting.

Contested Trial or Extended Hearing

We would discuss with you the likely costs in representing you in advance before any meaningful work was carried out. Our services would be charged at the relevant private rates (see below) plus vat. 

Any other fees, for example, expert’s reports and/or other disbursements such as the physical attendance of experts, any overnight accommodation charges necessary etc., would be subject to prior agreement between the parties. 

Private Charging Rates

Directors and solicitors with 8 years’ experience £201 per hour. Solicitors with at least 4 years’ experience £177 per hour. Solicitors, legal executives £146 per hour. Trainee solicitors, clerks £111 per hour.

Please note that if your case is listed at any Magistrates Court other than Teesside, then travel time would be charged at the rate of £100.00 per hour plus VAT. 

Mileage would also be payable at the rate of £0.40 per mile plus VAT. 

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