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Kirsty Condell

I initially started my legal career at TaylorGoodchild Solicitors in a support role. When offered the opportunity to put my law degree to work, I quickly jumped at the chance having excelled in my previous position, providing support to the Company Fee Earners.

I regularly attend the Police Station to advise clients who are detained or attend voluntarily. I also work within the Actions Against Public Bodies Department. I primarily deal with complaints and claims against the Police.

I find that my experience at the Police Station helps identify potential failings by the Police such as assault, false imprisonment, wrongful arrest, dereliction of duty, poor conduct and/or behaviour, etc.

I also represent a large number of clients who are making complaints/claims of physical and sexual abuse against government institutions, notably the Medomsley Hall Detention Centre. My empathy and diligence in dealing with those individuals who find it difficult to recount their emotive and painful personal experiences, has enabled me to bond with clients both on a personal, and professional level. I am considered by many of my clients as a personal friend or supporter of them, as well as their lawyer.

I am determined and focused on getting the right result for my client, and I am efficient, thorough and organised in the way I go about my business. As in common with my work colleagues, I possess a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable character which is committed to excellence in client care.

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I use TaylorGoodchild because I know who I’m going to get to represent me. They are a close knit team and all on the same wavelength.

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