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Below you will find answers to common questions we are asked. If you do still have a question, please contact the office and we will be happy to help.

I have difficulty in understanding and communicating in English, can you still help me?

We are able to assist in overcoming any barrier to communication with sufficient notice and funding. Please contact our office to make such arrangements.

If the police tell me I don’t need a solicitor then surely it’s not necessary to ask for one to help me at the police station?

Individuals at the police station are frequently told by the police that they do not need a solicitor. The police are tasked with investigating any allegation impartially and fairly. If you are told by the police not to ask for a solicitor or the police try to persuade you not to request the services of a legally qualified lawyer, they are breaking a significant statutory safeguard under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, specifically put in place to prevent such unlawful conduct. You should always request the services of a lawyer whilst attending the police station, as it is free to all at point of request.

If I get arrested outside of normal working hours, at the weekend or bank holiday, how can I ensure you attend the police station to help me?

We attend all clients personally regardless of the day or time. You are entitled to the services of a solicitor whilst at the police station whether under arrest or attending voluntarily paid for at public expense, regardless of your personal income or circumstances.

What can my lawyer do to help me at the police station?

The role of your lawyer at the police station is to ensure your legal rights are fully respected and to assist you in advancing any defence you may wish to raise. We assist and advise our clients throughout their attendance at the police station to include but not limited to, advising as to the best approach in an interview, on Police requests for “samples”, identification procedures and making representations to ensure bail is granted by the police.

My case involves a medical, legal or technical argument. How do I present this to the Court?

We have access to a large number of experts who are registered and Court qualified to provide report and opinion, to the Court in such matters. We would discuss the particular requirements of your case and recommend an appropriate expert to assist in such matters. Dependent upon your case, the costs of instructing an expert may be met by public funding.

If I win my case, can I be awarded compensation and my costs back?

Depending upon the type of case we are pursuing on your behalf, then it is possible that your costs can be recovered in full or in part, as well as a compensation payment.  

I am not happy with my current Solicitors. Can I transfer my instructions to you?

You have the right to instruct a Solicitor of your choice. You can take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation where we can advise you as to whether transferring your instructions would be appropriate in your particular circumstances.

I am disabled and experience mobility issues, what arrangements can be made to assist me?

Our offices are accessed via a number of stairs although suitably approved ramps are available upon request, either prior to your visit or when attending. In certain circumstances, home visits can be arranged subject to your particular circumstances and funding arrangements.

Are your premises easy to find and what about parking?

We are conveniently situated in central Middlesbrough at 10 Woodlands Road (TS1 3BE), located just off Borough Road. There is ample street parking but if not available, a car park is situated directly next door to our premises.

My case is urgent, can I speak to someone straight away?

Appointments are available for urgent matters at our office subject to availability, where you will be seen by a Lawyer to discuss your case. If for unforeseen circumstances an appointment is not available that day, you will be accommodated as soon as practicable.

I am unsure what to do and am worried about any likely costs in my case. Can I discuss matters with you before deciding whether to proceed?

Please take advantage of our 30-minute free consultation where we can advise you as to the merits of your case and also advise you as to most cost-effective way to fund your case. Various funding options may be available to include: public funding (Legal Aid), conditional fee arrangements (“no win, no fee”), private payment terms to include fixed fees and affordable payment plans.

I only use TaylorGoodchild solicitors. They are the only firm I trust to be on my side and give me the advice I need to hear’ Miss M They always go above and beyond. I cannot understate how much the firm has done for me.

Mr W

Dan helped me in my first ever run in with court. I was so scared about what was going to happen but he made sure everything was explained. It was a fantastic result and I really felt he got across everything I wanted to say

Miss C

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